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Corporate Gifts

Anthurium of fire.

A plant that discern for the heart shape of the...

Sales price: 40,33 €

Arrangement in a special glass.

Roses,eustoma,freezias and gerbera.

Sales price: 56,20 €

Arrangement in ceramic.


Sales price: 35,28 €


Bonsai in a white ceramic pot.

Sales price: 50,41 €

Composition in Plate

Cinnamon ,dried orange slices smell of...

Sales price: 30,00 €

Exotic guzmania/bromeliad.

A wonderful easy-care plant. brings an exotic...

Sales price: 30,00 €

Impressive fuksia orchid.

Elegance, uniqueness and a tropical appeal all in...

Sales price: 35,28 €

Kalamodine tree

Kalamontine tree in a ceramic.

Sales price: 35,00 €

koum kouat mini tree.

Koum kouat is a kind of kitrus fruit for outdoor.

Sales price: 45,00 €

Phalaenopsis orchid.

Chic phalaenopsis orchid.

Sales price: 35,28 €

Serious zamia.

A prearrange plant.

Sales price: 40,33 €

Zamia in cand color glass.

Indoor plant ,a present that last for ever.

Sales price: 40,33 €

Zamia in pot.

A chic gift for the house or in office.

Sales price: 45,00 €